Is ombré still in?

June 13 2014

Geelong hairdressers and colour consultants

Ombré, balayage, fadeout… whatever you want to call it, it involves careful blending of hair colour by skilled technicians to achieve a two-tonal effect.

For example, you could have a dark blond fade into a light blond on the tips of the hair. The possibilities are almost endless – from a natural look through to an extreme, playful or adventurous look.

So, is ombré still in?

We say YES! But like any hair colour, it needs to be done right. Blocky-looking ombré with harsh lines was never in, but the carefully-blended ombré look can be truly stunning when done well.

Our hairdressers love achieving believable ombré effects on clients’ hair. Whether you want low-maintenance or high-impact, we will work with you to create an ombré look that suits your personality and lifestyle.

The three looks below are very different yet equally gorgeous. Please contact us to book a colour consultation with one of our talented hairdressers in Geelong.

Hairdressers Geelong

Ombré done by Charlotte Seal in Torquay

Hairdressers Geelong

Fade out by Ashlea! This colour was done on uncoloured hair using a highlift tint, no bleach!

Hairdressers Geelong

Purple and turquoise balayage done by Britt in Torquay