Hairdressing Salon – Torquay and Geelong

Visiting a hairdressing salon is a very personal experience – you put a lot of trust in your hairdresser to cut or colour your hair in a way so that you can walk out the door feeling and looking great.

DEEGEES has been providing haircuts in the Torquay and Geelong region for a number of years and, while some faces that work out our salons may change, we always ensure we employ professional, friendly and competent staff that can provide a quality hair style to our clients, no matter their age or their gender.

Our hairdressing salons are situated in three locations – Torquay, Geelong West and Belmont – so you are sure to find a location within easy distance of your home. Call us for more information or to book. We happily provide our service to a band of loyal clients as well as new.